Gender Reveals

Today, we’re doing our gender reveal for Baby #2.

To set the stage, I’m actually a huge fan of these.

When we found out about Colin, we gave the envelope to our friends Chris and Adrienne and on the night of the “Reveal Party,” Chris handed me a blue balloon and Lindsay a pink one.

One of the balloons had a hole in it, which meant whichever balloon inflated was the gender.

Obviously. Blue.

In that moment, (and I’m going to be honest because that’s what this part of the blog is about…honesty), I realized that I really really really wanted a boy all along. Until that moment, I had said the customary, “We don’t have a preference…no really…we don’t,” but after that blue balloon inflated, and I could take “boy” to the bank, I was psyched.

This time around, I really really really don’t have a preference.

Funny story though. Yesterday during the sonogram, the doctor instructed me and Lindsay to cover our eyes while she made a determination on gender. As I closed my eyes, I distinctly heard her type 4 clicks.



But what if….




I hadn’t been paying attention to her other previous typing patterns so while there’s clearly an odd-on favorite here, I really really really am just excited about another kid. Boy or girl.

I think.

Anyways, back to gender reveals.

I’m a fan and this time around, instead of balloons, we’re going to have Colin hit a baseball that’s filled with either blue or pink smoke/powder off of a tee.

This is going to go one of 3 ways.

(And I must state that Colin LOVES baseball, swings left, throws right, and has been practicing this for months)

  1. He smacks the ball and it explodes.
  2. He smacks the ball and it doesn’t explode and it just hits the ground.
  3. He misses the ball, tries again, and then 1 or 2 happens.

I don’t think #3 is likely because truth be told, he’s hitting for power these days and the other day, he hit a regular baseball 40 feet and over the fence.

Where this gets complicated is I have no idea how much force it takes to explode one of these balls.

The ball is comparable in weight to a softball but the outer shells seems pretty thick.

My friend Ryan just told me I should have ordered 4 balls and practiced and so now I’m just kicking myself.


Anyways, stay tuned. Video coming soon.



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