NFL Playoff Picks: Round 3

Last Week: 3-1 Overall: 5-3 Quick sidebar. In 2000, I was a sophomore in college and may or may not have had a couple of online sports betting accounts. That year, I went 11-0 in the Playoffs and turned a $100 playoff parlay bet into almost $15,000. For the upstanding citizens of our society who... Continue Reading →

NFL Playoff Picks: Round 2

I went 2-2 last week. Not bad for me considering I am still way behind on the NFL. Like, did y'all know Case Keenum is a legitimate MVP contender? Case Keenum. Happy for him, but wow. Couple of takeaways from Round 1: I picked the Chiefs straight up last week because "they had the more... Continue Reading →

Alabama Is Great. (End of Statement)

This isn't going to be a popular opinion. Alabama is great. Disclaimer: When I say "(not a) popular opinion," I don't mean that my opinion is unpopular because people don't agree with it but rather because it simply won't be common opinion you hear today. The popular opinions you will most likely hear in response... Continue Reading →

NFL Playoff Picks: Round 1

Wait, it's the playoffs already? Believe, me when I say that I'm not trying to be funny or heap on to the already large pile of grief that the NFL has received for not being as compelling as in previous years. I'm being serious. I haven't paid attention to the NFL since Week 8. Now... Continue Reading →

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