NFL Playoff Picks: Round 3

Last Week: 3-1

Overall: 5-3

Quick sidebar.

In 2000, I was a sophomore in college and may or may not have had a couple of online sports betting accounts.

That year, I went 11-0 in the Playoffs and turned a $100 playoff parlay bet into almost $15,000.

For the upstanding citizens of our society who have never gambled, allow me to explain what I did, (because I still remember it in detail).

When the playoff matches were set, I bet the following scenario:

  • Miami over Indianapolis
  • Baltimore over Denver
  • New Orleans over St. Louis
  • Philadelphia over Tampa Bay
  • Oakland over Miami
  • Baltimore over Tennessee
  • Minnesota over New Orleans
  • New York over Philadelphia
  • Baltimore over Oakland
  • New York over Minnesota
  • Baltimore over New York

The year 2000 would be the last year I would ever place a bet because I quickly blew my winnings on the NBA Playoffs, the following year.

It would also be the last  year I was ever over .500 on picking football games in the Playoffs.

So here we go!

Jacksonville at New England

Last week, I said Blake Bortles should just “Be you BB!” I’m going to keep jumping in. On his own merit, he appears to be quite an atrocious quarterback incapable of completing a basic swing pass. With a heavy dose of irrational confidence, he appears to be quite competent.

Still though, I’m growing tired of the Jags faux-swagger especially on the defensive side, so I’m taking the Pats and I’m taking the points.

Not the most well-reasoned football analysis but it’s gotten me this far.

Pick: New England -9.5

Minnesota at Philadelphia

My son was napping on my lap when Stefon Diggs ran in for the game-winning touchdown. I could not believe what I was seeing and yet because of my sleeping son, I couldn’t audibly erupt.

Instead, I just hit rewind about 40 times and watched every single piece of that play.

My thoughts:

  • My gosh I feel bad for that Marcus Williams kid.
  • My gosh that was some bad tackling.
  • Why was there not a Minnesota player just standing on the goal line on both sidelines? Minnesota had to go sideline or endzone with no timeouts.
  • Case Keenum threw a VERY good ball.
  • Did you know that Case Keenum still holds the record for passing yards in the NCAA?
  • How mad would Houston Texan fans be if we did not have Deshaun Watson and Case Keenum makes it to the Super Bowl?
  • I loved how the referee in the end zone threw an excessive celebration flag.
  • I loved how Diggs threw his football helmet like a baseball player throws his batting helmet.
  • That moment is enough to give a team enough juice to get to the Super Bowl.


Pick: Minnesota -4.5



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