NBA Trade Deadline Reactions

I’ve never checked whether the Woj account I was looking at was the real one, more than I did yesterday.

What a whirlwind?

In a move that surprised no one, the Cleveland Cavaliers overhauled their entire roster in what appears a last ditch effort to remain relevant in the Eastern Conference and make a run at a return to the Finals.


I have some thoughts:

First, we can all stop believing the illusion that Lebron isn’t in the room when these decisions and calls are being made. The question I have though is how awkward must it be for GM Koby Altman and Owner Dan Gilbert as they stand there throwing out possibilities while Lebron (and this is the image in my head) leans back in a chair and gives a thumbs up or thumbs down – all the while NOT letting Altman and Gilbert know what he’s going to do next year. It would be like if an interior decorator was asking my opinion on the color paint they should use on a hotel wall. Sure I have an opinion…but do I really care?

Second, let me get this straight. Cleveland sent Isaiah Thomas and a pick to the Lakers and took on multi-year commitments for Clarkson and Nance meaning, the Lakers shed enough salary to afford two max contracts in 2018 – 2019. Cleveland made a deal that freed up salary space FOR the Lakers. Can someone remind me what city Lebron recently purchased two homes in? Los Angeles. Ok. Cool. And where do the Lakers play? Los Angeles? Wow.

Third, ISAIAH?

Here’s where I want to dig in a little bit. Here are the past 12-18 months of Isaiah’s life.

He becomes a folk hero in Boston. Plays through immense emotional and physical pain and elevates his name into actual MVP conversations. The Celtics trade him for Kyrie. He battles back to return before Christmas for the Cavaliers. He is an immediate outsider and never finds his place (and becomes somewhat of a fire-starter). He is traded to the Lakers and thirty seconds after the deal is finalized has to listen to Magic Johnson tell the world that he will back up Lonzo Ball.

Oh yeah, his contract is expiring this year and had he been able to remain in Boston, he would have been due a max (or at least near max contract). Instead, he will most likely be a mid-level exception acquisition or receive the minimum in 2019 and be forced to “prove” his worth again.

Can we dispense forever with fanbases being upset about players leaving teams on their own terms and fighting for a situation that benefits them?

Heartbreaking really. I’m pulling for Isaiah.

Last thought: If Lebron played for your team, would you give him this level of power? Sure, but consider the players he has “hand-picked” (Tristan Thompson, Dwayne Wade) and the players he has “cast aside” (Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie Irving)

Makes you think.



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