Welcome Back

“I’m back.”

One year, 5 months, 12 days (528 total days) passed between the time Michael Jordan first retired from basketball and when he returned in March of 1995.

Two years, 5 months, 8 days (892 total days) elapsed between my last post on Outside the Box Score and today.

You beat me again MJ.

Ok got that out of the way. My sense of humor and irrational confidence appear to still be intact.

Hi there. It’s Tyson.

Two years ago, Chris Allman and I in partnership, took down our burgeoning website and ended our growing podcast.

My reasoning (and I’ll defer to Chris to give his) was as follows. My wife and I had our first child so time was at a premium.  I was also in the midst of a career change, and quite honestly – and maybe most significantly, I had grown disenchanted with my own cynical and tone.

Chalk it up to lack of sleep or chalk it up to the emergence of the hot-take culture through social media. It was time to step away.

Then in October of this year, a fleeting thought started taking root.

“I wish I still had my blog.”

At first I would squash the thought but as the thought kept creeping in, I realized that the catalyst more often than not was not something idiotic that provoked my anger but rather was something inspiring that I wanted to memorialize in some way.

Then the Astros won the World Series.

Nothing could bring me back faster.

So here we are. A new site. A new year and in semi-congress with Chris Allman writing on his own blog, a new outlook – one that is
honest, thought provoking, and unapologetically me.

This time I hope this “me” is more sober-minded, well mannered, and thoughtful.

Thanks for reading,

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